STAY Wires

Stay Wires are galvanized steel wire strands that are used for sustaining mechanical load. Generally they are made up of 6 wires stranded around 1 wire, twisting 7 wires together. A common use for stay wires is in the electricity industry, using the wire to stay power poles and tower structures.It can be supplied in coils/ drums as per requirement

Anti abrasive nature

Non corrosive property

Ensures low maintenance cost


Stay wire is used in Electricity Distribution industry mainly for balancing of load on the electric pole. When the electrical line is straight, the load on the pole is vertically downward. However, at the junction point, or if there is a turn in the electric line, there is also a horizontal component of load on the pole. In the long run, due to this continuous load, a pole may bend or the line may bend. Stay is provided to balance horizontal component of the the load on the pole mainly.